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Did you know that 40%
of food produced is
never consumed?


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*Surplus food is perfectly fresh produce nearing its best before date, which retailers have yet to sell.

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Each year, we waste $29 billion because of food date label confusion.

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Food for thought

Eggs last 3-4 weeks past the “sell-by” date.

Sources: Still Tasty (USDA, FDA, CDC),

Food for thought

Milk lasts 7 days after the best before date.

Sources: Still Tasty (USDA, FDA, CDC),

Food for thought

Yogurt lasts 2 weeks after its expiry date.

Sources: Still Tasty (USDA, FDA, CDC),

Estimated at 3.3 Gtonnes of CO2 equivalent, food wastage ranks as the 3rd emitter after USA & China.

Sources: Food & Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

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