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5 best ways to use leftover produce to pamper yourself

Published on November 10 2021

If you’ve got some overripe fruits you don’t feel like baking with, or huge containers of condiments that always end up stored away and unused—rest assured! 

There are various benefits from repurposing your mature produce, and the best part is that you get an excuse for a little bit of self-indulgence. Why not incorporate it into a self-care regime? 

While self-care is the key to a balanced lifestyle, looking after your environment helps protect you and your surroundings. In Canada, 58% of produce is considered food waste or lost each year, equalling 35.5 million tonnes. However, perfectly edible goods can be repurposed for ourselves or shared with our loved ones and communities in need.

A conscious method to use your surplus, bruised or leftover food is to schedule a regular pamper session on a weekly or biweekly basis.

There are endless health benefits to organic and natural body and skincare and none of those chemical toxins in the manufactured products are in homemade zero-waste recipes like the ones listed below. 

Keep reading to prepare for a night of sustainable relaxation.

1. Treat yourself to a luxurious face mask 

What would be a self-care routine without a face mask? Switch out different products with other beneficial ingredients, depending on the kind of treatment you’d like to target for your skin.

The web is a great source to find the right products catered to your skin type or needs for that day. Here’s an informative reference that helps pinpoint your target areas and skin concerns to work with what you’ve got at home to find what’s right for you.

You can concoct an easy DIY formula for an at-home facial such as these. If you’re still unsure of what to pick from what you’ve got at home, try to think logically. 

For instance, bananas are rich in vitamins that have tons of moisturizing properties. Or that crystallized honey you’ve left in the cupboard because it’s rock hard? Melt it and add it to the mixture, it’s a natural humectant that absorbs moisture that can accelerate the process. 

Tip #1: Prepare the mask before your me-time to stay true to your hassle-free evening and refrigerate it for at least a couple hours prior for a nice, cooling sensation on the skin. 

 Treat yourself to a luxurious face mask

2. Give your hair some TLC with hair masks and leave-ins

Haircare is often overlooked, yet it can be very beneficial if incorporated into a routine. You’d be surprised at how much stronger, softer and shinier your hair can look with even as little as 20-40 minutes of attention a week. 

Similarly to skincare, think about what your hair might benefit from to assess which products you have in the kitchen you can use for an easy, quick hair mask treatment. 

Most manufactured hair products contain ingredients like sulfates, parabens and dimethicone that can reverse the effects of the mask’s purpose. All-natural ingredients might not have the same preservatives, but there won’t be any long-term damage. 

Here’s a reference to the benefits of hair mask ingredients and another easy DIY mask made with clarifying apple cider vinegar.

Tip #2: Add some coffee grounds or brown sugar to your serving for a deeper cleanse. 

3. Play around with different ways to rejuvenate your lips and skin 

Fun fact: your dead skin cells are regenerated every 27 days! 

The skin tends to clog up a lot during that period, so regular exfoliation can help accelerate the process while getting rid of the pollution, dirt and other gunk it builds up amidst everyday festivities. This can make you have to repurchase products more often, that you might as well take the zero spent, zero-waste route. 

Get smooth, supple skin by creating at-home exfoliants with the essential and natural oils you've already got laying around (anything from citrus or herbal scents to gourmands). Mix them with rough, textured sugars (brown, coconut, granulated, castor) to customize your favourite lip, face and body scrubs. 

Tip #3: Save your mini sample, jar or cosmetic containers to store your lip scrubs. 

Get smooth, supple skin by creating at-home exfoliants with the essential and natural oils

4. Replenish your skin barriers with intense hydration 

Once you’ve exfoliated your skin from head to toe, you’ll need to lock in the moisture after such harsh abrasion or it can lead to even drier, hyper-sensitive skin than you had beforehand.

An effective way to hydrate the body is with body butter, it’s a lush combination of different natural properties that make for the most satisfying after-shower routine. 

Body butters are thicker in consistency and lock in moisture efficiently as it seeps into the skin without much residue, unlike most body care lotions and sprays. A little goes a long way, but it also doubles as an overnight hand salve or foot cream with a heavier amount. 

There are tons of at-home guides to experiment with different natural oils and butters to personalize your favourite recipe, catered specifically to your preferences. Here’s a simple body butter instructional recipe guide for beginners to start. 

Tip #4: Use a stand mixer to get an airy, light-whipped consistency for your body butters and conditioners. 

5. Unwind with a relaxing full body massage 

It’s common knowledge that massages are full of benefits, it helps with lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, relieves stress and muscle pain… the list goes on. The downside? Massages are a pricey investment that not everyone has the luxury to afford. 

The good news: you don’t have to rely on a spa for a relaxing experience. With the right massage oil, you can get most of these massage benefits at home without having to spend a dime.

Natural oils you may have laying around the house such as olive, castor, jojoba and sweet almond oil have loads of moisturizing properties that can act as your carrier oil. In combination with some essential oils, the mixture serves as aromatherapy. 

You know how different scents stimulate different emotions of the human brain? Start with this essential oils chart to find out what most appeals to you, then test out different natural oil combinations to find what tickles your fancy. 

Tip #5: Use a cold spoon, or smooth surface crystals to help with deep tissue stimulation if you don’t already own a jade roller or a Gua sha. 

Use oils at home to massage

Whether you want to spoil yourself on your lonesome, use your zero-waste beauty products as a gift for loved ones, or as an excuse to have some quality time with friends, make it a ritual to love yourself while loving mother nature. 

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