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Easy fermented garlic honey recipe for cold season

Published on November 17 2020

When it comes to natural cold remedies, the possibilities are endless. Vitamin C, echinacea, ginger tea, homemade chicken noodle soup and… fermented garlic honey? Yep, you read that right. We already know garlic and honey are two powerhouse ingredients hailed for their defence-boosting and cold-fighting benefits. Combine the two together with a little fermentation magic and you have yourself the perfect little defence booster to carry you through cold and flu season. 

When we talk about the act of fermentation, we’re referring to the chemical process in which a substance breaks down into simpler substances with the assistance of microorganisms like yeast and good bacteria (the stuff that keeps your gut healthy). Love yogurt, kimchi, sourdough bread, kombucha, beer and wine? They all go through a fermentation process.

While fermenting at home can seem a little intimidating at first, this recipe makes it so simple, it’ll turn just about anyone into a fermentation superfan. Whether you’re looking for a natural way to boost your immune system, or you just picked up some garlic rescues from the FoodHero App and want to put them to good use, our quick and easy fermented garlic honey recipe has you covered.

Discover the benefits of fermented garlic honey

Here’s why fermented garlic honey is the perfect natural remedy for cold & flu season.

Boosts your immune system

Garlic helps the body resist or fight off pesky colds thanks to compounds that are said to boost the immune system. How? Garlic contains a compound called allicin which is released when garlic is crushed or chewed. This compound is thought to give garlic its medical properties since it’s been shown to boost the immune system’s response when fighting viral diseases like the common cold and flu.

Soothes sore throats

Honey has been touted for its many health and therapeutic benefits for centuries. Today, it’s become a staple during cold and flu season. Not only does honey naturally relieve sore throats thanks to its silky texture, but it also contains antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

Reduces food waste

Creating your honey ferment is a great way to preserve your harvest since honey is a natural preservative and will never go bad. It’s also perfect for those moments when you’re looking for a way to use up a leftover garlic head that’s about to go bad.

How to use fermented honey garlic during cold season

Whether you’re looking for a little immune-booster or just want to soothe a scratchy throat, here are a few ways you can use fermented honey garlic during cold and flu season.

Try a spoonful of fermented honey straight up! Remember when you were a kid and your parents gave you a spoonful of honey to soothe a sore throat? Same rules apply with honey garlic, except you get extra feel-good benefits thanks to garlic’s natural immune-boosting properties.

Add it to tea! Is there anything more comforting than curling up with a hot mug of tea when you’re sick? For those days when you’re feeling under the weather, break out your favourite mug, pour in hot water and stir in a spoonful of your honey ferment. Top with a slice of lemon of ginger for a soothing DIY cold tea that’s sweet, citrusy and comforting.

Munch on a garlic clove for a super immune boost. Yes, you read that right! While the tangy taste of raw garlic is enough to turn anyone off, you might reconsider once you try the cloves in your honey ferment. We recommend trying this after one month of fermentation when the garlic loses its sharp tang and becomes infused with the sweetness of honey, making it taste just like candied garlic. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

Fermented Honey Garlic Recipe

Fermented Garlic HoneyCredit: Flora Health Canada

Fermented Garlic HoneyCredit: Flora Health Canada


  • 2 large garlic heads, crushed
  • 1.5 cup raw organic honey
  • 8 oz Mason jar


  1. Peel garlic cloves and lightly crush the cloves with the back of a knife (this will help with the fermentation).
  2. Add crushed cloves to a sterilized 8 oz Mason jar, making sure you leave a minimum 1 inch of space at the top.
  3. Pour honey over garlic and stir to combine so that the cloves are fully coated. The garlic will naturally float to the top, which is okay.
  4. Seal the jar and let sit in a dark place at room temperature. Unscrew the lid every 3 days to release the build up of pressure (you should see tiny bubbles, which means the fermentation process is working), then reseal the jar and turn it over to keep the garlic submerged in honey.
  5. Ferment for at least 1 week before using. For best results, ferment for a minimum of 1 month in a cool place. Think of it like a fine wine: it only gets better with age.


Botulism is a very rare occurrence in honey ferments since it has a pH level of about 3.4, making it too acidic for botulism to occur. It’s important to use raw, minimally processed honey for this recipe since commercial honey is often diluted with other substances, which could affect the pH level and the fermentation process as a whole.

You can always test the pH of your fermented honey with a pH strip or monitor. Anything under 4.6 is considered safe. 


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